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The Bachelor Chef

Click Image to Watch Bachelor Chef Videos

Click Image to Watch Bachelor Chef Videos

My Bachelor Chef series has seen the most success on Youtube and I am attempting to develop it into a 30 minute sitcom. The sketch was originally inspired by Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade cooking show on the Food Network. She always made a drink at the end and I thought an alcoholic cooking show would be hilarious. However, having a man find creative ways to get drunk was more sad than humorous. Also, teaching people how to get intoxicated on YouTube seemed morally wrong. (Especially with easy access for minors.) The Bachelor Chef slowly evolved to a recently divorced chef who was down on his luck. He would be forced to find interesting ways to prepare his food. The YouTube sketches focus on the MacGyver cooking, but the characters backstory was always fun to develop.


Commercial Parodies

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Commercials offer an endless supply of source material.  My first sketch was going to be a man willing to murder for a Klondike bar.  The few weeks before I planned to shoot, Family Guy did it in one of their random segments.  I started with the Dunkn’ Donuts instead.


Super Mario Wii

Click Image to Watch Super Mario Wii Videos

Click Image to Watch Super Mario Wii Videos


My wife got the Xbox Kinekt and we played Just Dance for hours. At some point in our dance off, (Probably during one of my gasping for air umoments.) it crossed my mind that the Wii was now obsolete. It did not take long for a washed up Mario sketch to take shape.