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You’re A Vampire: That Sucks! A Survival Guide

Vampire Survival CoverBeing bitten by and turned into a vampire isn’t the glitz and glamor that Hollywood makes it out to be. In fact, one out of five newly turned vampires will succumb to a slew of easily avoidable and common pitfalls within their first few months as a nightwalker—tempting garlic-laced Italian food and silver jewelry are only a few of the things that will have to go.

As an answer to this tragic loss of undead life, “Count” Domenick Dicce has written the definitive how-to guide that just might save your pale, ice-cold skin. This helpful tome will cover everything from Vampire 101—such as hunting, feeding, and getting used to your new powers—to Vampire Graduate Studies—such as coffin selection, the ghoulish world of vampiric social hierarchy, and the universal Laws of the Vampire.

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Okay, this page only contains one book.  However, more books will be published soon.