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The following charities are currently being donated to with a portion of my profits from the Alternative Facts Journal: The Small Handed Tweets of Donald Trump.

You can click on the charity name to visit their about page or go directly to their donation page by clicking the appropriate link.


Sierra Club Foundation

There are many environmental organizations, but I chose the Sierra Club because of the work they do and www.charitynavigator.org  gave them a 94.08!

Donate To Sierra Club


Civil Rights

American Civil Liberties Union

While border security is necessary, they will make sure we do not forget the honest people who could be hurt by hasty or ill conceived laws.

Donate to ACLU


Women’s Health

Planned Parenthood

Unfortunately, the vital medical services this organization provides for women can be overshadowed by a small part of its operation . While I respect both sides opinions on abortion, I do not believe you should cripple a good program because of one small component.

Donate to Planned Parenthood




I have always loved this charity.  It offers an opportunity to donate to schools in a way that you would like to see your money spent. That is why I will use this charity to support art programs in our public schools.

Donate To Donors Choose

(Since charities have a minimum donation requirement and there is a lag time between a book’s purchase and author payments, donations will be made at different intervals so that both requirements can be met.)