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While writing and acting are my two biggest artistic passions, I have many other creative ideas.  My original website became a dumping ground for all these ventures.  I decided to include one page for current side projects I am currently working on.

Builder Family

I  am a geek and collector.  This is a dangerous combination.  The two biggest problems with collecting are money and space. Builder Domenick gave me a solution to both.  The YouTube channel would have the usual stop motion films, set reviews and MOC directions, but set itself apart from other channels by its green screen footage.  I would photograph sets being built one piece at a time or a model moving and then place it on a green screen background.  People could then use any image or part of the video in their own unique movies.  I would keep a few key sets, but sell most of them after the green screen videos had been published, so I could buy more sets.  My sister was brought on board to Photoshop the pictures.  The sets are left alone, but she put them on a green screen background and made sure each shot is in the same location and stays at a consistent size.

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